Building and support of portal “Business environment”

2012 - present
Development: 2012 - present
Key members: Julia Morozova, Vitaliy Chesnokov, Pavel Gurov, and Olga Surova
Technology used: 1C-Bitrix: Site management
1C-Bitrix: corporate portal

Major Milestones

Business environment is a group of integrated projects designed to create the new infrastructure for business in Russia. Portal services provide comprehensive knowledge and tools to start and develop a business from the ground up: everything from business registration advice and franchise law to securing loans and selecting appropriate software.

QSOFT was the first contractor on this project, as we were able to provide an initial release in a very short time and sustain a quick development pace for the duration of the project. Today the portal is an integrated solution that includes a group of sites for users and internal systems for project staff and client managers of Sberbank.

Our solution’s architecture allows each sub-system to be further developed by independent teams. Multi-master synchronization occurs between the group of sites, corporate portal, amoCRM and Siebel. Thanks to multi-level user verification, all community members are real representatives of their business.

March 2013
Created an incentive system for account managers on the corporate portal
January 2013
The unified header for the group of sites was created, company verification done through SPARK, and integrated with Siebel CRM
September 2012
Integration with amoCRM, implementation of user and company verification, SSO implementation
August 2012
Internal corporate portal launch
July 2012
Version 1 site launch
June 2012
Prototype launch on touchscreens for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
Registered Russian companies and entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs received loans through the Sberbank portal
Client managers are connected by the corporate portal
Product sales made through the portal
For work with external resources and major system integration such as the external group of sites, corporate portal, amoCRM, Siebel, and SPARK
Prize “For the contribution in development of small and medium business in Russia” by the Growth foundation, 2013

“During this time, the team members of QSOFT showed themselves not only as technical leaders, but also as business analysts, helping to determine the direction of development of our portal and the technical performance of related services. The intensity of our collaboration can not be underestimated; in just 3 weeks we created a working prototype of a web portal, which was presented to the business community and state leaders at the podium of Sberbank in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (June 21-23, 2012). The first version of the project was put into commercial operation on July 15, 2012, and a month later, QSOFT introduced a separated area for client managers with support for pass-through authorization (SSO)… We thank the QSOFT team for the productive cooperation and look forward to its continuation in the future.”

Shershnev Alexey ,
Head of Project office “Business environment”

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