E-xecutive: new version of online network for business professionals

2007 - 2008
Website: www.e-xecutive.ru
Development: 2007 - 2008
The project involved: 20 specialists
Key members: Sergey Mamonov, Sergey Golovanevskiy, Alexander Serbul, Egor Volkov, and Julia Morozova
Technology used: 1C-Bitrix: Site management

Major Milestones

During 2007, QSOFT has completely updated a platform for the largest community for professionals in Russia, E-xecutive. This project was quite unique for us because we were required to keep all previously implemented services, data and materials that have accumulated over it's six year history.

E-xecutive offers a wide variety of services for it's members including personal blogs, forums, messaging, the ability to share

articles, search for colleagues, resume posting and a job board.

A lot of special attention was given to the commercial services offered to companies. When an authorized company representative logs in, they are presented with a menu to manage their job postings, event announcements, promoted articles and edit company details. Detailed statistics are also provided to measure impressions and clicks for all posted content.

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Subject related sites in Russia in 2010
The E-xecutive community was founded in 2001 and was designed for Russian and foreign Russian speaking managers to communicate and network on the internet. In 2006, the project was acquired by B2B Media which is part of the ProfMedia Holdings Company. B2B Media's print projects have an audience of over 300,000 people per month and an audience of well over a million people per month for its internet projects.

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