Development, support and updating of Rostelecom's corporate websites

2006 – present
Development: 2006 – present
Key members: Maxim Krisanov, Alina Huzina, Kirill Golishev, Alexey Romanov, Elena Ushkova, Mila Golovanevskaya, Michail Eremin, and Vika Korsakova
Technology used: 1C-Bitrix: Site management

Major Milestones

We have developed and support the corporate website for Rostelecom as well as other subsidiary sites and internet related projects. For over six years, our experts at QSOFT have been in active cooperation with Rostelecom for the development of over 10 sites from the ground up.

Among these sites, QSOFT made regional changes, developed various sites for the annual All-Russian completion for regional journalists, “Privacy on the Internet” national competition, and “Web Control” — a site that reflects progress on CCTV setup for the elections. QSOFT also developed an internal supply-chain management site for Rostelecom which publishes sensitive information about upcoming shipments and integrates with their electronic document management systems.

In 2011 the company conducted a large-scale re-branding. The new informational corporate resource went live in the spring of 2012. We managed to reflect the main points of the new strategy successfully by focusing the visitor’s attention. These site visitors included media, government agencies, and various other audiences and organizations as well as internal analysts, investors and partners — those that influence the value of the company’s securities. By focusing on transparency, an easy to read interface, and simple logical structure, we were able to create a product that stayed true to the new company image.

According to the rating of the European corporate websites, published by the Swedish research company Hallvarsson & Hallvarsson, Rostelecom’s site took 10th place among Russian corporate sites.

May 2013
Site redesign and other improvements for
March 2013
Site for LTE operators union
October 2012
Starting in 2012, QSOFT has created resources for various Rostelcom competitions, which in turn generate an increased presence in social media
August 2012
Development and launch of the Shop module from the main site
February 2012
Created a site that reflected setup progress of CCTV system at polling stations during the 2012 presidential elections in Russia
May 2012
Launched a completely new site redesign for
April 2011
Corporate site launch for Center Telecom
September 2009
Transfer of the regional web resources to a common platform
April 2007
Main corporate site development
Web sites have been developed during partnership
Integrated with electronic document management systems
9 years
Of continuous cooperation and project development
4 years
Of annual launches for social competition projects
Rostelecom site was ranked as most convenient and informative for stakeholders (rating by SmartMoney Magazine)
Top 10
Best corporate websites in Russia according to Swedish research company Hallvarsson & Hallvarsson

“During our cooperative work, the company QSOFT has proved itself to be an effective and responsive partner that always performed quality work, and understood our very specific needs. What’s also important is that the company offers its own ideas and solutions that become part of the development and optimization of our projects. I would also like to note QSOFT’s deep understanding of the telecommunications industry, its related processes, and the project manager’s competent work with the enormous amount of tasks and information.”

Xenia Titenkova ,
Head of Internet Resources department in “Rostelecom”

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