Planning, development and Sibur's corporate portal support

2010 – present
Website: Intranet portal
Development: 2010 – present
Key members: Pavel Gurov, Vitaliy Chesnokov, Igor Biryulin, Pavel Nikonov, Ekaterina Stepanova
Technology used: 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal

Major Milestones

Our team of specialists at QSOFT have developed a unique corporate portal for SIBUR Holding — a leader in the petrochemical industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. Over 50,000 SIBUR employees received access to a quality intranet system to not only get information about company events, but also an interactive platform for exchanging views and comments on a variety of corporate matters.

The portal has become a convenient platform for posting and viewing multifaceted corporate media content - from photo coverage to films, movies and news clips relevant to the company. 1C-Bitrix’s Intranet Portal platform allowed us to build a very unique system because to its broad feature list. We were able to create mini-portals for the company’s business development divisions within the “big” intranet space to make a positive impact on the efficiency and profitability of their activities.

April 2012
“Finance & Economics” section launch
December 2011
“Competence Centers” section launch
April 2011
“Legal Services” and “Enterprise Production System” sections launch
February 2011
QSOFT launches version 1 of the corporate portal
Employees are using the portal
Regional divisions
Sibur TV and radio playable from portal
3 years
Of continuous development and support
4 systems
Are integrated with the portal: AD, Boss-Kadrovik, E-staff, and InfoDesigner
Specially created to meet and exceed the needs of the business
SIBUR is the leader in the petrochemical industry of Russia and Eastern Europe. The company is actively engaged in gas processing, the production of monomers, plastics, fertilizers, tires and rubber products, as well as plastics processing. The company brings together businesses in 20 Russian regions and has a company roster of more than 50,000 employees.

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